Glocal health Consultants

"Glocal support on glocal issues –
health policy and implementation thought leadership"

Creative insights

Evidence-based research

Glocal Health Consultants provide global and local deliverables from a global and local evidence-base. Establishing credible and attainable research outcomes requires careful and considered scoping perspectives. Evidence, in the view of Glocal Health Consultants, is always established connecting needs and beliefs of people with broader conceptual and theoretical bases.

Project scoping is deliberately grounded in principles of Fourth Generation Evaluation: (1) contracting, (2) organizing, (3) identifying stakeholders, (4) developing within-group joint constructions, (5) enlarging joint stakeholder constructions through new information/increased sophistication, (6) sorting out resolved claims, concerns, and issues, (7) prioritizing unresolved items, (8) collecting information/adding sophistication, (9) preparing agenda for negotiation, (10) carrying out the negotiation, (11) reporting, and (12) recycling.

Health political science

The particular strength of Glocal Health Consultants is found in the creative application of models from political science to glocal problems. Whether it is opening windows of opportunities between problem, policies and politics, analysing the power dynamics in coalition formation, policy network analysis, or simply a systematic review of a particular local approach to health policy, Glocal Health Consultants work always takes into account that health choices are always political choices.